Security Defense's 24 Hours Dispatch Communication Center

24hourSecurity Defense owns and operates a 24 hours Communication Dispatch Center for our clients and their representatives, customers, visitors, employees and their tenants to call to report any security concerns 24 hours per day. Direct telephones lines, cell phones, computers with new and current programs & software’s, and emails, are used to allow 24 hour communications with our company Field Supervisors, Shift Leaders, our Security Officers, and our members of management seven (7) days per week, 24 hours a day.
The dispatchers ensure that all of our clients and our customer projects are secured by a security officer(s) by verifying and confirming that security personnel are on duty as per contractual needs.The dispatchers fill any last minute work orders request by our clients or even when a security officer is absent from work due to illness or last minute emergencies. The dispatchers refer other security officers available for work and explain the job duties and instructions by telephone, emails, and by texting messages to the officers in order to ascertain that the officers understand the work duties and requirements for the day and each project.
Security Defense dispatchers compiles and records data information for our customer calls, employee incoming phone logs, incident reports, and keep records of confirmations of the security officer attendance records. The dispatchers also keep records of all calls made to 911 when security officers need law enforcement, paramedic, or fire department assistance.

Corona Center

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